Our limitless potential

Our limitless potential

A year ago this was, in my mind, not possible….but look at me go! Everything you can ever imagine is attainable. First know what you want, be persistent in pursuing it, be resilient to get back up if you should fall a few times, work hard most importantly, very very hard towards your desire and watch the beautiful steps that unfold on your way to it.
I am by no means incredibly successful but I am most certainly living a beautiful life that I am most grateful for.
I moved to Hawaii from Brooklyn New York almost 3 years ago. Ran away from the snow storms and a broken heart. After a year of saying I wanted to take a yoga teacher training I finally decided to go for it. It was a whole lot of money and I had no idea how I was going to pay for it and still eat…I am still not sure how I did, living in Hawaii is not a cheap thrill. Not only did I have to find a way to pay and survive but I also was going to be working at my restaurant job about 10 days a month only and for 5 months! So the non essentials were the first to go… I quit smoking cigarettes, yes me! After 13 years of loving to hate them! It happened my first week of teacher training. I haven’t even had one single puff since then (a year and 2 months). Because I gave up cigarettes I also had to give up drinking. They seem to go so well together and drinking without a cig seemed to really piss me off so no drinks for a while. Boom, an extra 300 to 400 a month saved right away…yeah…holy shit! Didn’t mean I had a bunch of extra money to spend on nonsense, it just meant maybe I could eat everyday…maybe. When you cut these negative things out and replace them with something like yoga your energy level literally sky rockets! I was bike riding all the time, swimming, laughing loudly, writing…you know, like a living human being should be doing especially while living in a place as beautiful as Hawaii. Going to work was harder now that I had found this peaceful lifestyle but I learned to find something I liked in everyone…even the people that you can hardly stand. Maybe because of this new outlook I became sweeter or more sincere, or maybe because I was there less I was calmer and easier, or maybe God was making things nice for me so I could pursue what I think I am supposed to do… but people were giving me so much money!! I sometimes didn’t know why people would tip me outrageous amounts of money at my restaurant job! Again, none of it was extra money that I could buy anything unnecessary with but I was becoming less stressed about paying for my training. Thank you God, I know that was you.
I went through the whole 5 months of teacher training which is a whole other post. I was challenged, sometimes I was pissed at myself, sometimes I was pissed at the teachers challenging me, sometimes I would go home feeling like I was living in some dream world that doesn’t actually exist like a unicorn. And throughout those months of training I became this other version of myself that I had never met before. I like her. She is really nice, calm, understanding, loving, forgiving, hell of a dreamer type of girl.
I used to wonder if I would ever be coordinated enough to balance my weight on my head and forearms, keep my feet from cycling, engage my core to hug everything in, and then just be there in my excitement of reaching this once unattainable super frustrating dream. And that is the essence of yoga- to attain the unattainable.
Nothing worth it is ever easy….

This is going to be my blog to talk about the transformation into healthy living, my constant cooking blunders (I am so bad), new cleanses I am trying, new yoga moves I am learning, my life becoming a teacher, new recipes…and I love questions, challenges, and feedback. I will try out anything you want to know more about and tell you all about my experience with it! I’m looking forward to sharing and hearing new ideas and insights from anyone and everyone!
~Love love love~


3 thoughts on “Our limitless potential

  1. This was a very inspiring and motivating post to read. Like you, I’m embarking on a journey myself. I just finished my first ever cleanse and kicked off my first monthly fitness challenge, ( In case you are interested in checking it out). I think it’s amazing that you pursued something you loved like teaching yoga. I was just curious, did you do yoga for a long time beforehand or did you just dive right into it? What other kind of fitness regimes do you follow?


    • Hey that’s great you’re starting a new journey!! They are so fun especially when you see yourself past the challenges.
      As for me, I had been doing yoga a little but here and there before the teacher training. But I remember my biggest fear was “what if I can’t do something they want me to do” haha. Now looking back after all I’ve learned that is a silly fear. I’m a teacher now and I still can’t do everything they ask of me. 🙂 but one day I will. Time, patience, compassion, and hard work will eventually allow me my hand stand I so desperately want to do. Are you thinking of taking a training?


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