the journey of becoming a yoga teacher

As I know I have mentioned before in my blogs, I had no idea what to expect when I began my teacher training. I thought it would be fun and I was nervous about the challenges but I had no idea it was going to transform me into someone that wanted to help other people feel this same powerful feeling! I had no idea that my drive to teach this and pass on what I learn all the time would be so strong. Some mornings I wake up and repeat to myself “there is no doubt in my mind what I want to devote my life to” and that’s helping others live at their highest limitless potential.

However it isn’t an easy feild to wiggle into. Especially when you live on an island…so I am moving to San Diego! California. the land of opportunities, right? I am setting my mind to the fact that I will be able to teach more there and reach more there and fly more there.

I want so badly to teach yoga and meditation to cancer patients in hospitals or privately. I want to make a difference to someone. even if only one! I want to set my intention to helping others through the very thing that helped me. In doing so I have to let go of my attachment I strangely have to working in restaurants since it is the only thing in my life that sucks my energy dry. I can’t explain why I feel like working in them is my only option but I have decided today that it isn’t my only option. I can follow my heart and what I truly believe is my calling and work for it every single day even if I hear  no for a long time. If I am persistent and really go for it everyday there is no way opportunity will not present itself. It won’t present itself if I do nothing. So I am vowing to do something eveyday towards it.

I am starting with blogging at least once a week about my progress of getting materials together and ready to move to a new place and get my foot in the teaching door. Taking 4 classes a week at least and meditating every single morning and night for 10 minutes repeating my intention before begining meditation. Making post card resumes and gathering testimonials from people that take my classes in the park. Sending a resume by snail mail or phone call one studio a week leading up to my move which is 9 weeks away. And lastly, remembering to take time to thank God for every ounce of courage and opportunity and life.

I am going to make this happen and I will spend my life helping others be their bright beautiful selves!

It won’t be easy but nothing worth it ever is. 🙂Image


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