Yoga Nidra “Challenge” – getting out of my own way

So my dearest yoga nidra teacher gave me her cd with 2 30 minute guided meditations on them. I decided to listen to them ever single night for 30 days to see how it transforms me. I’m on day 7…and you won’t believe how it’s already making it’s magical changes.

I have this desire to teach yoga and meditation to cancer patients. It is just something I want to do and I don’t know why the desire is so strong. It hasn’t taken off in Hawaii but I am moving to San Diego (I don’t have a specific reason why I am moving). I looked up how many places already offer it there and there are so many!!! So I applied with resumes and cover letters and that fear wasn’t there to hold me back from my motivation. I created a website for my yoga in the park I do here in Hawaii and ordered business cards. No fear. I woke up yesterday feeling like I could find a way to start my own business with it!

I all of the sudden feel in control of what happens to me! It is not going to fall in to my lap and the only thing I have to do is drop fear, know what I am talking about and where I am going, and get the hell out of my own way. I feel super empowered and confident that things are about to change in the most beautiful way and not only because I am moving but because I am moving forward!

This will not be all smooth sailing, I know. But I am entering my 30’s with purpose that I have never felt before. I want to succeed in helping others succeed! I feel so excited about life.

The teacher’s name is Brenda Kwon and I highly recommend her audio!         IMG_3324


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