Depression and being the change…finding purpose.

I have been searching for this forever! I have been wondering if I would ever really have it. What if I found it and didn’t realize it?! What I didn’t realize was that even after you find it, you still have to find the courage to live in accordance with it…

I have been teaching yoga for about 2 years now and I do love it. But I couldn’t nail down why. Obviously you feel amazing after a yoga class and thats super awesome! But what exactly sparked me to teach? It for sure wasn’t the money. I love a good headstand class but they are not contributing to the change in the world. Then I felt it. I saw this glimpse of what would make me excited to get out of bed every morning even if it was to do research on how to get this business going! I love seeing the energetic change in people. I love listening to people tell me their perceived limits at the beginning of my classes and watching them breakthrough those limits they put on themselves! I love inspiring people to live happy. Nothing makes me feel more whole than when someone tells me something I said during class stuck with them and helped them through something. 

Even deeper, more specific…I grew up with a beautiful wonderful super inspiring mother who unfortunately suffers from depression and fibromayalgia. Watching someone struggle through this without a lot of compassion being directed her way was rough. I felt pretty helpless with a huge desire to make it go away for her. Depression sufferers hit close to my heart. I feel there are little resources besides drugs to help these people! I want to help these people! I want to bring light to their world. I want to send so much love their way that it seems impossible to feel alone. This is my dream. This is it. Soooo… to begin at the beginning….

As of now I work at a pretty loveless job. I am so grateful to have had it and will continue to do anything I can for the owner of the business anytime she needs but I have to branch out to live this dream that I cannot get out of my head! It seemed too big a dream to climb yet. I had no idea how to get the funds…I am still unsure about how I will get them but I have all the faith in the world that the minute I devote my everything to this that the funds will appear. I am all in. From two days ago onto the rest of my life, I am devoted to teaching yoga geared towards people with depression. I aspire to inspire. I want to light up everyone I see. I want to be so happy that other people feel happy just being around me. I’m already there. This is going to happen. I can’t wait to watch it unfold.

Pray. Everyday.




One thought on “Depression and being the change…finding purpose.

  1. Aww Danica it is you that kept me alive and productive. You and Jonothan …my world continues to thrive on the love of my beautiful children. Now plus 2, Tareva and Ron. I am truly blessed.


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