Working hard towards my dream…first step…

frpm medAs I mentioned in my last post, until a week or two ago this dream was too big to even consider realistic for me. I was working at a job that barely paid my bills and feeling like I was suffocating in misery. I know that sounds dramatic but I honestly felt that way. I prayed and prayed for God to light up my path and give me the motivation to work for it. I know it doesn’t come easy. This dream is to open up my own yoga center that uses yoga as therapy for depression, fibromyalgia, and cancer recovery. Yes it is a big dream for a girl that was waiting tables in a small cafe just a week ago. It was unlike any other dream I have ever had though because the thought of never pursuing it is WAY SCARIER than going after it.

So here I am. My very first leap of faith (if you don’t count moving to Hawaii alone on a whim from Brooklyn a leap of faith) but a leap of faith towards my calling. I put in my notice with the most gratitude to my boss. She is lovely. And I have started a kickstarter to help me fund the first stepping stone of my dream. I am designing yoga shirts that radiate positivity and love and am going to sell them everywhere I can! I am going to pour my heart into this first step as if it was my dream! I am going to make this work. I am going to live my dream.

For anybody that may be interested in helping me to promote this dream or if you are able to pledge to this dream on kickstarter, I would be forever grateful! I am offering rewards for pledges too. No donation is too small! I want to help inspire the world that they can live happy. No one is alone in this world. We are all here together.

Visit my website for more info about what I do.

If you want to watch my video on kickstarter please please do and share!

I love you all and thanks for joining in on a girl’s dream!



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