bf1785a01d6d37f4ef063972ffb085f9Friday June 26th 2015 the right was given for any human to marry any other human they choose. I cried and squealed and was filled to the brim with excitement and love. I’m not even gay.

This is my voice to the people that are still closed minded and spreading hate. I cannot hold these words in anymore.

I have a lot of friends and loved ones that are gay and have felt as though they were less than their entire lives for not having the right to share love with the person they’ve connected with. We all know someone who has taken their own life to avoid the hate spew from closed minded idiots. Or someone who has had their life taken or nearly taken for loving someone of the same sex. The hate is strong. And these people that hate so strongly claim the Lord has taught them this is the way to handle it. We punish people who love differently than us with HATE. That is not the Lord asking you to react this way. He is not the hate in our heart, he is the love! He is not the fear in our heart, he is our courage.

Closed mindedness generally comes from a misunderstanding of something without any desire to seek the meaning out. Well in this case…. it really is just genuine love. It is not a disease it is love! It is not a phase- it really is love. It does not come from rebellion- it comes from the heart. People have been gay from the beginning of time. And for so so so TOO MANY years they chose to live the life that made you the most comfortable while they never felt completely whole. Why do you wish that for them? Because you really think that God doesn’t want them to be completely happy? Is that the truth?

There are way more people in my life that are for gay marriage and happy for everyone being treated equally than the opposite- but for the ones that are still posting negativity and using words like hate and sin and abomination, how in the world is this affecting your life in anyway? How can you come to terms with two people loving each other harmlessly and publicly? You don’t have to understand what it is like to be gay. You don’t have to understand the attraction. You DO have to let all humans live and be free and happy. That’s it.

Open your heart and your mind. Love lifts you up and makes you shine. Hate consumes you and your soul and doesn’t allow much room for your own happiness. Choose to accept love even when you don’t understand it. Radiate love for our short time on this planet. Just try.