I can’t get myself into a flying unicorn playing the trumpet pose….and that’s okay.

I base every single class I teach on being where you are, staying true to that place, and moving forward from there. Force does not encourage growth, patience does. So often the ego gets in the way and we compare ourselves to our former self or to other students in the room or a picture we saw on instagram. We each have our own truth. That’s what makes us magic!

WELL I FORGOT TO PRACTICE MY TEACHINGS! 😉 I recently took a class from a teacher I never met before and was so excited when she immediately began class having all of us total strangers walking around the room together. I was excited because it was different, I was hardly comfortable especially when she had us stop in front of someone  without saying anything, just looking at them in their eyes…how often do strangers do that? Well it’s a fast way to the ego. I was hardly thinking of the other person and wondering what they were thinking of me instead. As if I expected them to think negatively of me because my hair was in a huge knot on top of my head or because my face looks less than radiant at 9am on a Monday. I wasn’t judging them at all. Why would I think they were of me. Maybe because I judge me every single morning. What a waste of time!

She followed this interesting start to her class with an intense vinyasa/anusara class with a huge bongo, intense pranayama in poses I have honestly never seen before. Wild thing was the first pose we did after sun salutations! (If it starts with a peak pose…how far will I go in this class?)

I would look around the room, I don’t know why but I would, and I saw almost everyone could do almost everything and I felt so behind! I noticed I was getting frustrated until my breath led me to remember that I was never going to get anywhere comparing myself to everyone else in the world. Growth is gradual. The journey is what makes it graceful. Things happen when you’re ready. Accidents happen when you disregard your present self.

It has been a long time since I felt challenge the entire class like that. Once I let go of the way I “should be” and felt where I actually am I started having so much fun! I began to surprise myself with what I am capable of. Maybe it was far less than that flying unicorn playing the trumpet pose (also that is not a thing- I am exaggerating) but it was MY growth and to me it was substantial. What a valuable lesson to learn. You cannot rush the steps of growth. Be there with them. Celebrate every single victory. Gracefully move to your goal. Be who, what, where, and how you are and breathe. You are already magical.