Let’s start here…we can help!


Lately, I have been planning to lead my very first yoga retreat! It’s a really exciting leap for me. I spent a long time not feeling ready for anything. It took me an entire year to accept money for teaching yoga at all. I really just wanted to share this amazing healing experience with anyone that would listen. Well that intention has only become stronger. I have learned over the past 4 years of teaching and practicing yoga daily that it is truly my calling. I connect with people on a very different level with yoga. So I decided to make it my career and find as many ways as I can to share this with anyone out there that is interested with money or without. Teaching donation classes, corporate yoga in the workplace, studios, beginner youtube channel, private lessons, free classes on the beach. I have looked into every outlet to continue to spread the love.

I feel the next step is to lead a retreat. A whole long weekend of yoga and spirituality. I had to recently sit with this new idea and ask myself where this idea was coming from. Was it a place of love or a place of “wanting more success”? I think the answer to this question would make two very different retreats. I don’t think there is anything wrong with either answer necessarily. It is quite normal to desire more money and success. BUT the energy that comes along with this feels greedy, far from genuine, and the opposite of why I started on this journey. I started from a place of love. I cannot lose this along the way. It will take on its own success in many different forms as it already has but it is my job to make sure everyone involved feels positive energy.

So while I sat with this for a few days, I suddenly became really touched by the devastating lives people are living in Syria and Syrian refugees. It is heartbreaking. My first thought, however, was what can I do? I am one person. Well…if everyone that thought that way did one thing, the world would be a better place. I looked up how I could help from San Diego with very little money. Unfortunately, what they really need is money. The puzzle pieces seemed to fit together very nicely! The retreat! The retreat could help.

A portion of the money paid for the retreat will go to a Syrian refugee organization of our choice. We will make the choice together. It may feel small in the big scheme of things, but it will feel very very large to the family that it helps.

The retreat is in January in San Diego and every other month from there. If you are interested in more information, sign up¬†for my newsletter. One email a month to explain the different events going on in my little yoga world. I am beyond excited to share all of this love I have in my heart with anyone willing to listen. I can’t wait to connect with people eager to make a difference in the world. It starts with you. You are enough. All of your efforts are enough.

I love you all so much! xxoooxx

Danica Elle


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